Med-e-Tel, Women and eHealth

Dear ISfTeH member and partner,

For its fourth participation at the annual Med-e-Tel conference, the ISfTeH Working Group on Women (WoW) and its partners (Millennia2025 Foundation, Connecting Nurses, Connecting Midwives and Klughammer) are again organising a Women and eHealth session.

The selected theme is „Women, eHealth and Telemedicine within the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030: from a global framework to local innovative programs.”

The session aims at creating the momentum along the 17 UN SDGs, with a focus on SDG3 and SDG5, and local innovative programs using ICTs to reach women as beneficiaries, healthcare professionals and leaders in Telemedicine and eHealth.

Speakers will be coming from South East Asia, Central and Latin America and Europe. Participants will be able to share their experiences with the speakers during an open dialogue session.

You are welcome to submit a presentation proposal (by 7 December 2015) at

Young women are warmly encouraged to share their experience and ideas in the session. We hope to have a creative and fruitful session.

The WoW team

Information on previous WoW sessions at Med-e-Tel are available here:

„Roles and Empowerment of Women in eHealth and Telemedicine”