Dear Colleague, Dear Friend,

Many people of our scientific community are involved in medical informatics and telemedicine, in general in ehealth or Digital Health since more than 40 years with research, innovation, education activities on computing in medicine, hospital information systems, artificial intelligence and data analytics in Health care. In this last 25 years we created a large network of experts in these scientific fields, participating to bilateral and multilateral projects , meetings, courses and schools at different levels National, euromediterranean and International. After several workshops and conference in many countries (Usa, UK,Egypt, Italy, Morocco, Canada, Australia, France, Romania, Lebanon, Israel, etc.). Just 10 years ago in Geneva we organized the Imit conference continuing in other cities until the period of Covid pandemic, organizing events in modality on line.

Now we want to continue in presence by means the next International Conference of our associated group of International Medical informatics and Telemedicine in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on next June 20-22. This appointment wants also to restart the development and comparison of projects and scientific initiatives expecially in this period of post Covid pandemic when many applications of telemedicine services have been used. Today the strong development of pratical systems of artificial intelligence applied to different social fields and even the Health care.

In attach the call for paper [1] of the Imit@ conference on next June and the registration form [2] for participation and for to become member of our International associated scientific community.

Hoping in your interest and participation, receive my
Best Regards
Francesco Sicurello

[1] Call For Papers.
[2] Registration Form.

SSMHe24: Smart & Mobile Health, BioSensors, Medical Devices

Dear Colleagues,
In attachment the fast Call for Papers relating the 11° Workshop SMHe’24 on Biosensors/Medical devices for telemonitoring, therapy, rehabilitation. The meeting will be held in Milan on site (and on line) on January 30-31 2024. Hoping in your interest, receive my Best Regards and greetings for Happy New Year!
Francesco Sicurello

Smart Media and Mobile Health 2023

Dear Colleagues,

For the next Year 2023, as IITM and International Medical Informatics and Telemedicine community, we are planning to prepare and organize workshops, tutorials, courses, masters, winter/summer schools, conferences and meetings in the field of ICT in medicine,
e-Health, telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, etc.

The first workshop-tutorial is SMMHe ’23 (Smart Media and Mobile Health) on January 30-31, 2023 (on line-on site modality) in Milan.

Hoping in your interest (on request some days before the events we send the link for accessing to the webinar).

Best Regards and Happy New Year 2023,
Francesco Sicurello

TelemeMediCare 2022

In attach the program of TeleMediCare Workshop on next October 4th 2022 in hybrid modality, on site and on line. Hoping in your interest and participation,
Francesco Sicurello

Meeting links:

  1. 4/10/2022 – Morning:
  2. 4/10/2022 – Afternoon:

Zaproszenie na EMMIT2012

W dniach 17-19 Grudnia 2012 na Malcie w szpitalu Bighi (stary szpital wojskowy) odbędzie się konferencja poświęcona Informatyce Medycznej oraz Telemedycynie. Konferencja organizowana jest przez Międzynarodowy Instytut TeleMedycyny. Termin nadsyłania prac mupływa 31 października 2012. Serdecznie zapraszamy i zachęcamy do udziału!

Dokumenty: EMMIT2012 CFP