SSMHe24: Smart & Mobile Health, BioSensors, Medical Devices

Dear Colleagues,
In attachment the fast Call for Papers relating the 11° Workshop SMHe’24 on Biosensors/Medical devices for telemonitoring, therapy, rehabilitation. The meeting will be held in Milan on site (and on line) on January 30-31 2024. Hoping in your interest, receive my Best Regards and greetings for Happy New Year!
Francesco Sicurello


The eGheH’23 XX International Conference organized by Associazione Italiana di Telemedicina
ed Informatica Medica and will take place in Ospedale Pio XI Desio/Monza-Brianza (Italy) on-site/on-line meeting on July 10, 2023. Call for papers deadline is June 27, 2023. Register at segreteria@iitm.International.

Conference is dedicated to e-government & e-health, climate changing, environmental disasters, war and post covid-19 pandemic digitalization of public administraton and health service, one digital health, epidemiology, telemedicine. Following sessions will take place:

  • electronic documents, digital access and participation
  • electronic signature / electronic identity cards
  • biometrics, cryptography and security
  • gdpr, data protection, privacy and legislation for digital society
  • empowerment and engagement of citizen
  • smart cards in p.A. And health services
  • data bases and data banks in social health, medicine and epidemiology
  • local, regional and national information systems in pa and healthcare
  • internet services and web sites and portals
  • government and health 2.0
  • smart working and e-learning
  • apps and mobile health
  • smart and social media, sensors, networks and smart city
  • iot, big data management and data analysis
  • grid and cloud computing in pa and healthcare
  • business intelligence in government and healthcare organizations
  • ontology in health care and pa systems
  • digital divide and international cooperation on ICT
  • applications in government and health administrations
  • data analytics and statistical software in medicine and epidemioly
  • epidemiology, prevention, monitoring and sourvelliance of health risks

Smart Media and Mobile Health 2023

Dear Colleagues,

For the next Year 2023, as IITM and International Medical Informatics and Telemedicine community, we are planning to prepare and organize workshops, tutorials, courses, masters, winter/summer schools, conferences and meetings in the field of ICT in medicine,
e-Health, telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, etc.

The first workshop-tutorial is SMMHe ’23 (Smart Media and Mobile Health) on January 30-31, 2023 (on line-on site modality) in Milan.

Hoping in your interest (on request some days before the events we send the link for accessing to the webinar).

Best Regards and Happy New Year 2023,
Francesco Sicurello